USB GPS & AIS Dongle


These products simply plug into the USB port of your computer, giving a completely mobile solution to your navigation needs, the Bluetooth GPS requires no leads at all. The AIS just requires connection to a VHF antenna and the GPS gives excellent accuracy to fix your positon and allow all the route planning to take place in real time


£41.95 inclusive of postage

Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 and 10

With non-slip on the bottom and the special compact design, the GlobalSat BU-353 Water-Proof USB GPS Receiver is completely self-contained and waterproof. It incorporating the latest SiRF Star IV GPS chipset and an active patch antenna so you receive a high degree of GPS accuracy.

Baud rate 4800bps

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Quark AIS dual band receiver. Ideal for use with Chart Plotter and a laptop 

£66.64 plus postage

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£66.64 plus p&p

· Two AIS receivers monitoring both AIS channels(161.975 MHz and 162.025 MHz) at the same time and decoding both channels simultaneously. Plugs directly into a USB port
· Sensitivity down to -107 dBm@30% PER
· Up to 55 nautical miles receiving range
· USB 2.0 powered (<26mA@ 5.0V)
· 38400 bps baud serial over USB
· Message output in industry NMEA-0183 format
· Supports interworking with NMEA-0183 GPS receiver
· SMA connector for 50 Ohm VHF antenna
· SMA to BNC coaxial adaptor included
· Compatible with Windows and MAC systems
· Plug & play connectivity with chart plotters and PCs


Holux M-1000 Bluetooth GPS Receiver£41.95 inclusive of postage

Connects wirelessly to your computer via Bluetooth. Requires no USB input port. Uses inbuilt battery which can be recharged from the 12v supply on your boat.

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The Newest MTK (Media Tek Inc.,) total solution Bluetooth GPS receiver. High sensitivity, easy to track satellite signal for better performance!
The HOLUX M-1000 Wireless Bluetooth GPS Receiver is a total solution GPS receiver with Bluetooth, UART interface and built-in rechargeable battery for high sensitivity to tracking signal. M-1000 design is based on Media Tek Inc.(MTK) GPS solution - MT3318 low power Architecture. 
With the advanced technology, the M-1000 tracks up to 32 satellites at a time, re-acquires satellite signals in 100 ns and updates position data every second. Trickle-Power allows the unit operates a fraction of the time and Push-to-Fix permits user to have a quick position fix even though the receiver usually stays off..


digital yacht ais
Digital Yacht AIS 100Pro

dual NMEA0183 and USB output capability, allowing you to supply AIS data to a PC (via USB)

Use with Chart Plotteryou can receive all AIS targets within range – typically up to 30nm.  Simple plug and play USB connection to a PC. Uses standard drivers built-in to Windows XP/Vista/7 and is automatically mapped to an available "virtual" com port, which your PC software can read. Also compatible with Mac OS X and all LINUX Kernels since V2.4.20. 

The AIS100 Pro has a dual NMEA0183 and USB output capability, allowing you to supply AIS data to a PC (via USB) and a dedicated plotter (via NMEA) for larger installations. Requires connection to a power supply.

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Chart Plotter download and USB GPS (BU-353) Bundle inc. p&p £89.99
2+ £85.99 each
3+ £79.99 each
USB GPS BU-353 inc. p&p £41.95
USB GPS (BU-353 dongle) plus Chart Plotter (download) plus 3 year UK & Europe Tide Plotter (download) £115.95
Bluetooth Holux M-1000 GPS £41.95
Quark AIS dual band receiver £69.75